Shortcuts that are changing my life..

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a product or website recommendation before, so bear with me. I’m only posting this because it is changing my life.

I love to cook, and I hate planning meals all week. Recently, we’ve been eating out much more than we should because I hate all the prep and planning, I hate listening to kids whine when they don’t care for something, and I haven’t had a huge appetite. I hate going to the super market. I realized that this isn’t great for my family.

I’ve tried a bunch of the dinner delivery options like Home Chef and Blue Apron and they’re fine, but there’s not enough food for leftovers. That means I still have to go to the market. Have I mentioned I hate going to the market?

So, a little more than a week ago I heard an ad for eMeals and checked them out. The premise is that every week, you can choose from different recipes from different meal plans. They have keto, paleo, less than 30 minute prep, low fat, and vegetarian plans. Here’s the part that’s changing my life though. Once you choose the meals, they’ll send the ingredient list to the Walmart mobile app. Walmart picks and packs all the ingredients. You drive up and they load them in the car. I haven’t been in the grocery store in two weeks and my life has never been better. I just stop by on the way home.

The meals have been outstanding and I’ve had plenty of leftovers for lunches during the week. TD is usually my pickiest eater, and she’s loved every single meal. Even meals that have ingredients she doesn’t usually like, like corn and zucchini. Tonight she had seconds of a pasta dish with zucchini. Its been great because I can chose 80% keto friendly meals and intermittent carby meals for food in the family that need an occasional carb.

So, I’m changed and as a working mom with a husband who works like a maniac, this has been a total game changer.

If anyone is interested in trying it, slide into my Twitter DMs (@batesphysio) and I’ll send you a $10 coupon. Or don’t. Either way, these eMeals are my new way of life.

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