A Thursday Afternoon Palate Cleanser


World events of the past couple of weeks demand a little frivolity, but it’s hard to justify turning off the world when it’s not quite Shabbat. So, here’s some of the stuff I’m amusing myself with when the going gets tough…

The Hydraulic Press Channel
This guy gives me all of my life. He just crushes things and, sometimes they explode. And, he gets so damned excited when things explode. This explosion, in particular, is a peach.

Good Mythical Morning
Last night we watched their video “Will It Chair?” Turns out, some things make better chairs than you might think. I would like a marshmallow chair for my office.

We’re going to start making reaction videos of the reaction videos.


And, of course, shoes….
How happy am I that block heels are coming back? And how hilarious do I think it is that Sarah Jessica Parker is selling $400 shoes? Not that I don’t think they’re cute, but probably not “rob the college fund” cute.



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