Oh, And Welcome to the Blog…

I got a bit ahead of myself last week, posting my views on the University of Chicago, before I had a chance to write an introductory post. That’s pretty par for the course, though. I get fired up about something and I’m off…

I’ve been writing blogs in one variety or another for about 12 years now. I began on MySpace when I was in grad school, moved to LiveJournal, and then BlogSpot, ScienceBlogs, and Wordpress. Why a new blog now?

9eba7592437aaa993ffbf33aa75d14b2I started my BlogSpot blog as a hobby when my husband (at the time) decided to try his hand at writing. I picked my blog name because we had recently been to Egypt and I was intrigued by the mythology we encountered. Small cracks had already begun to form in my now ill-fated marriage and I was inspired by my namesake to double down on my commitment to it. She was the goddess of motherhood and nature, and friend to the downtrodden. When her husband Osiris was murdered by the evil god Set and torn in to pieces, she searched for his pieces and reconstructed him. That really resonated with me and I thought, no matter how many pieces things were torn into, I would always fight to put them back together.

So, when things started to fall apart in a way I couldn’t reconstruct, the whole thing became…unpleasant. A reminder of how I couldn’t figure out how to put everything back together. Over the past couple of years, the name also became more commonly associated with political unpleasantness and I started getting a lot of “correspondence” about events in the world I have nothing to do with.  These two factors made things so un-hilarious, that it took very little recently to make me realize I just wasn’t into my pseudonymous blog anymore.

So, now I’m over here. I’m the same person as I was in many ways, except that (compared to when I started the last enterprise), I’m looking down the barrel of forty instead of thirty, I’m in a new-ish city in a new-ish job, and I’m about to give husband #2 a whirl. He comes with three kids of his own, and mixing that all together is bound to be an adventure. Or, something like that. I just want a happy little lab and a happy little farm house with some happy little chickens. That’s why I’m dreaming of chickens. And maybe a goat. Or, a duck.

I still like shoes, though. Especially these ones.


4 thoughts on “Oh, And Welcome to the Blog…

  1. Thrilled to see you back under any name! Have definitely missed you. I still hand out hard copy versions of your guide to writing journal articles to my students and postdocs (and use it myself).


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